2018 Wisconsin Foosball State Championships Thank You!

I’d like to thank everyone who was able to make it to the 2018 Wisconsin Foosball State Championships. I feel it was the best Wisconsin tournament I’ve been a part of in my foosing career.

HUGE thank you to my partners in crime, Casey Johnson and Carma Burfield.

Casey [and staff] have provided one of the best venues in the state for this event in back to back years. Your year-round dedication to this event is amazing. I like forward to promoting many more events with you!

Carma – we can’t say enough about you. Your beautiful face and winning personality have already done SO much for Wisconsin foosball – having you on board with us is an absolute dream, and frankly events like these can’t succeed without promoters like you.

Mary Moore and the IFP crew were fantastic to work with as well. The WIFOOS committee will be working towards including IFP and the points software in future tournaments down the road – stay tuned for more updates.

Finally, to everyone else who pitched in – whether it be cleanup, tear down, food prep, ridesharing, lodging – thank you!